The timeless themes and vivid imagery of the tarot are powerful tools for connecting to the wisdom of your higher self.

I provide practical, approachable and modern readings that leave clients with a sense of infinite magic and boundless possibility.




Seek the guidance of your higher self in creating the business of your dreams. Dive deep into the drivers and needs of your target customers and learn what kind of business will feed your soul as well as your pocketbook.



You’ll spend an average 90,000 hours of your life at work— It’s a wonderful mirror for personal growth and opportunity to impact the lives of others. I’ve spent 25+ years climbing the corporate ladder through some of the most notorious of cutthroat industries. I understand the challenges you face and use the tarot to illuminate actionable opportunities for growth and perspective-shift.



Whether you’d like help navigating a particular situation or do an open-ended, 360-degree life and alignment check-up, the tarot is a wonderful tool for self-inquiry and personal growth.


About Heather…

I’ve been using tarot in my personal and business life for nearly 30 years and describe myself as a “pragmatic mystic.” My life’s passion is to remind you of the boundless magic and infinite possibility you already possess, using tarot as a tool-- Together, we create sacred space to recognize and honor your own heart’s voice. My readings are practical, approachable, modern and delivered with the utmost attention to privacy and ethical inquiry.

I bring to my practice a specific passion for helping entrepreneurs and executives navigate the often-hierarchic, political and high-pressure demands of today’s business climate to find balance between spirit and success. This passion is born of more than 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, both inside of publicly traded and international organizations and as a consultant/agency team leader observing those environments from the outside. Tarot lends itself incredibly well to illuminating themes and subtexts between team members, helping entrepreneurs better understand the needs of their target customers, helping executives see how they might best work-with the energy of colleagues and illuminating opportunities for heart-led growth and expansion.