As a special thank you for stopping by, I invite you to ask a one-card draw question, and I’ll personally respond within 48 hours. Please keep the following in mind when crafting your question:

  • The tarot is a beautifully nuanced tool for highlighting what energies might be at play. If you’re looking for a simple yes or no answer, a quarter is a much better option.

  • I choose not to read a person without their consent, so rather than asking “will Bob give me the promotion?” or “Does Susan think I’m good enough for the job?” consider the question from your own point of view and owning your control in all situations. “What can I cultivate in myself to make me a stronger candidate for the job?” “Is this job in alignment with my higher purpose?” “What energies might play out if I make a certain choice?”

Keep in mind that you have the ultimate control in all things in life— I truly believe there are no bad cards or bad outcomes. I read with an obligation to share the energy as I see it and to counter any troubling energy with opportunities to overcome.

I look forward to receiving your question and sharing the wisdom of the tarot!

With Gratitude,


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My lawyer, the honorable Goo G. Gle, Esq., wants me to remind you that tarot, while wonderful and magical and ancient and all that, is not a replacement for consulting a doctor, lawyer and/or your very own lonely and well-intentioned mother before making any life-altering moves. This reading is for amusement only.